Space frames


The space grid structure (Space frames) is a product with some qualities clearly different from other type of structures:

* High degree of hyperstaticity which involves facility to lay out the supporting points, the assembling and disassembling sequence and a good behaviour face to fires and earthquakes.
* A light weight compared to other kinds of structures.
* The possibility of big spans or free distances without columns.
* Aesthetic because of the elements which take part (cylindrical tubes and spherical nodes) and because of the geometries that can be obtained that can be obtained.
* Very easy to transport due to the fact that all the elements can be easily piled up.

This sort of structure is suitable for both small ornamental canopies due to their aesthetic value and installations of huge spans because of their resistant capacity. LANIK has designed and manufactured space frame structures for all kinds of uses: sport halls, shopping centres, airport terminals, airplane hangars, curtain walls, industrial pavilions, 


LANIK has complete systems of CAD/CAM. With them it is possible to analyze and to evaluate the possibilities of any project of Space Structure by complicated innovator and who is. From these units the manufacture of the different components is planned, spheres and I sweep.


LANIK develops an integral design of the Space Structures putting it to the service of professionals. In one first stage and by our system of CAD. LANIK generates diverse geometric alternatives, until defining the optimal typology for the structure that projects, obtaining the corresponding mathematical model. Next one comes to the structural analysis under the different hypotheses from load, determining the deflections and tension in knots and bars until leaving established the distribution of profiles of all the components. In a later phase of the informatic process of design with the detailed definition of the geometric and metallurgical characteristics, is completed the bars and spheres that they integrate the space grid. 


LANIK has a plant of production of Space frame Structures in Asteasu (Guipúzcoa) where the manufacture of the components is carried out. By means of a system CAM of own development it connects the process of design with the production. As much the mechanization of the spherical knots as the cut of tube and the weld of bars are realised in machines of Numerical control of high accuracy that are commanded by the global computer science system. This integrated treatment of design and manufacture has evolved the concepts of the technical documentation, making possible the construction of structures with an extraordinary geometric complexity, diminishing the risk of human error and causing total reliability in the productive process.


LANIK, with their equipment of assembly, takes responsibility of the work putting of the realised Space Frame Structures with their own system. The documentation for this phase, planes and bills of material, also are elaborated by the computers that realise the design of the structures. In order to guarantee the correct development of this process all the situations of the assembly are analyzed in detail where some element of the structure could be put under a critical situation. With the purpose to realise the corresponding calculations and verifications on the parts in which the structure is disturbed or on the complete set.