Retractable roofs

System properties

Lanik has contributed to the latest technology in the field of structural engineering since 1977, giving substance to what were until now merely inconceivable geometries.  

From its inception, Lanik’s successes in the construction of conventional steel building designs prefigured a kind of growth which soon included structural wood products and inevitably resulted in the development and patenting of spatial grid systems.

With a R&D Department whose foot was firmly planted in the future, Lanik proudly considers the San Sebastian sports facility, the next step in its development of it fully mobile, retractable roofing technology for a permanent structure.  Here, we witness the execution of a permanent, fixed roofing system which is capable of displacing itself and its mechanisms across the building, and allowing light to penetrate into its interior from the outside, as does an eye-lid.  Hence, the name: PÁRPADO..

The success of the San Sebastian facility and its affordability, the adaptability of the system to both new construction and existing facilities, and the mere 3 million Euro price tag resulted in the execution of a second project in Logroño which was completed in March

2002.  Here, we are talking about a dome measuring 100 meters in diameter, which when retracted in two halves, exposes 2,500 square meters in only ten minutes.

Today’s architects and engineering professionals choose Lanik.  You see, they are convinced of our ability to make every facet of their project work:  from the design and manufacturing stages and well beyond the assembly stage.  Lanik is your choice for structural wood products, spatial grid systems, and retractable roofing systems.

Just one telephone call, or a simple e-Mail, will put all the documentation, blueprints, and a free, no-obligation estimate at your command so you can make a sound decision about your next project.