Glulam structures

Product properties

LANIK designs and develops glue laminated-timber structural systems.

Glue-laminated timber is a proven technology.  It makes an ideal building material and is a perfect alternative to others like it.

For this very reason, Lanik has poured its years of experience in the construction sector into the manufacture of this type of building systems.  An integrated, computerized design and manufacturing system is the key to Lanik’s success in the design, fabrication and installation of glue-laminated timber structures. We put the very latest in computer-generated design to work in the calculation, blueprints, details and documentation for the successful execution of your project.

This new product has a different feature from the traditional steel structures:

* The chance of obtaining beams with different shapes: curve, triangular, trapezoidal, …
* The possibility of huge spans with big depth beams.
* The aesthetics of the natural wood.
* The good quality of the superficial finished. 
* The good resistance against the humidity and the fire.

The laminated timber structure has a good welcome in those installations in which the decoration is important, due to the fact that it is an aesthetic product because of its visual quality and the rounded shapes which it can take.

That’s why it can be easily found in all kinds of installations: swimming pools, pelota courts, sport centres, shopping centres, footbridges, …