Glulam structures


Fire-proofing of our structural wood products impedes its flammability, making it the ideal choice.  The presence of fire chars the wood surface simulating a non-flammable bark-layer which hinders the combustion of the inner-layers of wood veneer.  This results in integrity of a burning structure during much longer intervals which makes it superior even to dimension lumber milled from old-growth timber.

Our glue-laminated timber offers the kind of limitless versatility you are searching for in a structural wood product.   We can create a product which will allow you to execute long-span construction projects.  The understated elegance of wood engenders flexibility never before attainable in wood.  The freedom this allows you facilitates every possible geometry imaginable, both inside and out.

Thermal and Acoustic Properties
Wood’s textural warmth enhances any environment.  Create comfortable, secure spaces with maximum insulation for acoustical, thermal, electrical and magnetic balance.

With prompt shipment to overseas destinations worldwide, our pre-fabricated wood products arrive on site ready for assembly, making them the single most cost effective building material on the market for their ease of assembly and quick turn-around time.

Structural wood products stand up year after year. They are resistant to warping over time while maintaining those qualities which make it so attractive and reducing costly preventative maintenance.